Liposuction for men

Adipose tissue has several important roles in human organism, the main role being the storage of un­used food energy. Every adult has a certain quantity of fat cells which, depending on their natural pur­pose, either increase in case of existence of excessive food energy, making the adipose tissue thicker, or shrink in case of a decrease in body weight.

The quantity of fat cells and their distribution among different areas of the body, also the type of meta­bo­lism, which regulates the accumulation of fat cells, are individual and mainly genetically determined. Every­body has certain body areas where fat begins to accumulate first and from where it is consumed last by the organism.

Many of our patients who are generally satisfied with their weight still complain about their local fat de­po­sits, which do not decrease despite dieting and sports. In women, fat pads usually accumulate on buttocks, thighs, near knees and ankles and on the lower abdomen, and in men, on the other hand, on the sides, abdomen and rather often also in the breast area. There can be individual problems also with other areas. These areas are as if the last reserve for the organism which it keeps very persis­tent­ly – usually giving them up only after long-term strict diet and physical activity. But most people are not able or willing to keep up such regimen for long periods and their earlier condition will reappear after a while.

The problem can be solved by making use of the fact that the fat cells of adults do not reproduce them­selves – fat tissue once removed will no longer be restored. And since adipose tissue cannot re­lo­cate under the skin either, this solves the problem for the particular area. Consequently – physical re­moval of excessive fat cells by liposuction is the easiest and most stable method for getting rid of the prob­lem.

For whom?

The surgery yields the best results for people younger than 50 with a good skin tonus.

However – we have achieved good results also with older patients. In that case the elasticity of the pa­tient’s skin is important, as the skin has to gradually contract after the removal of the fat. If it does not, liposuction should be accompanied by additional skin-tightening surgeries, e.g. tightening of the skin on buttocks and on the inner sides of thighs or plastic surgery of the flabby anterior wall of the abdo­men. Such combining of surgeries makes it possible for the patient both to get rid of excessive fat and to reduce skin flabbiness by tightening it and removing excessive skin, if necessary.

NB! Liposuction cannot solve the problem of excessive weight. This method is not suitable for the treat­ment of obesity. Other skin problems, such as cellulite, also remain after liposuction.

Liposuction and liposculpture are above all intended for providing a more beautiful shape to your body to make you more satisfied with it.

About the liposuction procedure

Depending on the surgery technique, a larger or smaller quantity of weak medical saline is injected in­to the sculpted area with the addition of medicaments in order to break up faster the adipose tissue and also to accelerate subsequent healing. After that, small cuts of ca 5 mm are made in the skin near the respective area, in places where the scar is less noticeable. A fine blunt-pointed steel tube with ope­nings at both ends, i.e. a cannula, is inserted through these cuts. Fat cells are broken either me­cha­nically or with ultrasound, depending on the surgery technique. A suitable quantity of broken fat cells are sucked from the necessary place with vacuum through the tube and the area is shaped as de­sired – sculpted.

After that the cuts are closed with surgical tape and covered with elastic bandage, a special corset or comp­ression pants.


Liposuction is performed through small cuts of ca 5 mm which will remain less noticeable after full recovery due to their small size and concealed locations.


The duration of recovery will depend above all on the extent of the area treated and on the volume of fat aspirated. In case of a small surgery the patient can continue his/her daily activities in a couple of days, but in case of larger liposuction the recovery will take 2-3 weeks.

One should not expect to feel or look excellent immediately after the surgery, because even the new sur­gery techniques which reduce post-surgery discomfort will not fully remove pain, swelling, hema­to­mas in the skin and certain temporary unevenness under the skin.

Patients feel a little weak after the procedure due to the loss of liquid and tissue, and feel pain, which is reduced by painkillers. The patient will feel better in the course of a few days, the pain will de­crease and the strength will begin to recover. In order to accelerate recovery, patients have to start mo­ving and will cope with lighter daily activities. It is advisable to start light massaging of the treated areas immediately after the surgery. It will improve blood and lymph circulation and will smooth any un­evenness under the skin that have remained from the surgery. Patients resume their daily activities when they feel better.

It will usually take 2-3 weeks for the swelling and blue spots to recede.

Depending on the area treated, the patient will wear elastic compression pants, corset or bandage imme­diately after the surgery. These will help the skin to get used to the new body contour, reduce swelling and prevent the accumulation of fluid under the skin. In order to achieve the best results, the pa­tient has to wear the compression clothes for 3 – 6 weeks. The patient will see the full final result on­ly in approximately 3 – 6 months.

Possible complications

The risks related to liposuction are the same as in case of any surgical operation.

The surface will not always be ideally smooth after the surgery. This can be caused by uneven re­mo­val of fat or inadequate contraction of the stretched skin. The result can be judged only after full reco­ve­ry. The problem can be alleviated with massage, additional skin tightening surgery or corrective lipo­suc­tion.

There can be disorders of skin sensitivity in the area after the surgery but these disorders will dis­appear over time. A change of the skin tone can seldom be observed.


If a person has normal weight but is not satisfied with some area of his/her body despite correct nutrition and exercise and therefore feels uncomfortable (on the beach, when getting dressed, etc.), liposuction will help him/her to achieve better looks, have more self-confidence and feel better.

Overweight people can improve the proportions of their body by liposuction and the satisfaction of such patients depends above all on their realistic expectations of the results.


1 area 990€

2 areas 1870€

4 areas 2750€

6 areas 3410€

8 areas 4070€

Extra area 330€

About the procedure

  • Duration of the procedure: 1 to 3 hours

  • Anesthesia: general

  • :


Prices from:990 €

Starting from: 28 € / per month

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