Injections of botulinum toxin

Dysport® or Botox® are trade names for botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring toxin that is produced by bacteria. For over a decade now, botulinum toxin injections have been used in adults and in children by neurologists to treat muscular cramps in the face and neck. They are also used by ophthalmologists to treat squint and diplopia (seeing double). Botulinum toxin can also be used to deal with wrinkles, folds and furrows. Since forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet and other hyperkinetic facial lines are caused by mimetic activity, they can be smoothed by relaxing the underlying muscles. This is how botulinum toxin injections work; they are targeted to relax a particular muscle or group of muscles thus preventing lines in the treated area.

The treatment

The solution is injected into the muscle with a very slender needle. After the injection you should remain in an upright position, but you should not massage the injection site. You can help the success of the injections by exercising your facial muscles after the injection. The effect of the injection will become visible after about a week. One or two sessions are usually necessary in order to get the effect that you want.


Side effects are rare. The most common is bruising around the injection site. This occurs in about 3 to 10% of the patients and disappears after a few days.

Relaxation of neighboring muscles can occur which goes away again after a few weeks.

In very rare cases the treatment does not take effect at all.


Forehead lines 350€

Frown lines 260€

Whole forehead 450€


Crows feet 260€

Whole forehead and crows feet 480€


Underarms(to treat exessive sweating) 50 + 50 units 360€

Underarms(to treat exessive sweating) 100 + 100 units 560€


Repeat procedure -10%

Group discount: 2 persons -10%, 3 persons -15%

About the procedure

  • Duration of procedure: 30 minutes

  • Results last: 4 to 12 months

  • Return to work: after the procedure


Prices from:260 €

Starting from: 6 € / per month

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