Areola and nipple correction

Nipple area, which differs from the average may cause discomfort and decrease self-confidence.

With correction of the nipple area (areola) it is possible to: decrease the size of nipple and areola, to reconstruct a damaged nipple, to correct an inverted nipple, to create a missing nipple or to remove an extra nipple.

Correction of inverted nipples

In most cases, nipples start to invert during the developmental phase of the breast. Inverting nipples may occur only at one side or at both sides jointly. Correction of inverted nipples is a fast and simple procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia.

Enlargement of nipples

Nipples that seem too small, may be enlarged by both fat grafting and fillers (Juvederm).

Areola reducement

A fast and simple procedure, performed under local anesthesia, which allows to reduce the size of areola by approximately 50%.

About the procedure

  • Duration of the procedure: approximately one hour

  • Anesthesia: local or sedative

  • Return to home: after the procedure

  • Return to work: after the procedure


Prices from:900 €

Starting from: 24 € / per month

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