Abrasion(dermabrasion) of facial wrinkles and scars

Abrasion (dermabrasion) of facial wrinkles and scars is used both to prevent the aging of skin and to improve hyperpigmentation, acne scars, complexion and fine lines.

During the procedure, skin is numbed and frozen and the upper cells of the skin are sanded off by a small diamond-cone sanding device. The skin will be smoother and stretchier after abrasion. Abrasion will also make skin pigmentation and fine lines less noticeable.

The procedure lasts up to one hour.

To achieve the best results, sometimes the procedure needs to be repeated.

About the procedure

  • Duration of the procedure: one hour

  • Anesthesia: local

  • Return to home: after the procedure

  • Return to work: 3-4 days after the procedure


Prices from:300 €

Starting from: 9 € / per month

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