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ArtiaClinic – professional aesthetic plastic surgery in Tallinn

Health and Beauty

Health and beauty have always been seen as basic values of human life. Good health allows us to lead a wholesome life, while good looks provide us with the basic building blocks of self-confidence and social success. The combination of the two enables us to obtain balance and harmony and improves the quality of our everyday life. Just as medication and treatments may sometimes prove ineffective, cosmetic and beauty procedures cannot always solve the concerns we have about our beauty and looks. Significant developments in contemporary cosmetic surgery have yielded numerous patient-friendly methods for achieving the wellbeing you desire.

The name of our centre – ArtiaClinic – refers to a combination of art, cosmetics and plastic surgery, all of which contribute to beauty and harmony within and around us.

ArtiaClinic provides you with friendly support and superior service on your journey towards a new life, which can be beautiful beyond your wildest dreams.


Dr. Katrin Krüünvald

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

Head of the Clinic

Our doctors

The doctors at our clinic have been handpicked from the best specialists in Estonia. All of them are licensed professionals, who have been educated in accordance with the most stringent European standards.

If our patients have specific problems that require outside expertise, the clinic will consult with the best professionals in the relevant fields.

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Our clinic

Modern and well-equipped

ArtiaClinic operates in a purpose-built and furnished premises, specifically designed to meet the requirements of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Our rooms, equipment, communications and furnishings comply with European standards. We have been licensed by the Estonian Health Board (activity licence No. L02703).

ArtiaClinic – a clinic specialising in beauty and plastic surgery

We specialise exclusively in plastic and cosmetic surgery services in order to offer our patients the best possible quality.

We have a steady team accustomed to working together in a stable and pleasant environment.

Our operating room is only used for plastic and cosmetic surgery. This reduces the risks associated with nosocomial infections.


We value the privacy of our patients. Our patient rooms are private and staff members discrete.

Excellent service

The clinic’s carefully selected medical staff consists of professional and motivated individuals whose considerable skills and experience are at the disposal of our patients. Our team has a great deal of experience in treating patients from Estonia and abroad. Our staff has plenty of time and energy to focus on fulfilling our patients’ needs and wishes. Our patients have frequently praised us for exceeding their expectations with regard to the quality of our service.

Spa recovery

ArtiaClinic is located in the Viimsi SPA Health Centre, and this provides our clients with convenient and comfortable options for post-procedure recovery.

Patients who have no further need for post-procedure care but are still eager to seek refuge from everyday stress and avoid the curiosity of others can continue their recovery at the Viimsi SPA Hotel under the medical and psychological care of our clinic’s professional staff. Our patients’ companions are also welcome to relax together with their loved ones and make good use of the in-house sporting facilities as well as the health and beauty services provided by the Viimsi Tervis spa.

Our services and procedures

We perform all major cosmetic surgery procedures:

  • Breast augmentation surgeries
  • Liposuction and liposculpture
  • Operations on facial and neck areas (including endoscopic procedures)
  • Plastic surgery on the ophthalmic area
  • Cosmetic ear surgery
  • Injections of filler substances and Botox

We take a creative and delicate approach to solving our patients’ problems.

As a part of our consultation process, we provide our patients with information on the procedure or combination of procedures that best suits them.

Our prices

Our affordable prices are not a product of economising on the safety or quality of our service. We can offer affordable prices due to Estonia’s lower overall cost base.