Why is breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery procedure?

All women are special and there are hundreds of reasons why they decide to have breast augmentation. One thing is clear – breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. When looking up phrases like „breast enlargement“ in Estonian, there are as much as 125 000 results on a search engine, in English up to 4 million. Why are women so interested in making their breasts bigger?

Most common cause for breast enlargement are naturally small breasts. In some cases breasts are also visibly different and asymmetric, which is a problem when choosing clothes and a big threat to self-esteem.

There is no stopping time and years will naturally change woman´s appearance. The body, including breasts, will bear marks of pregnancy, breast-feeding and yo-yo weight. Therefore breasts can lose their elasticity, their structure can re-shape and cause sagginess. Unpleasant changes to the body can also ruin self-confidence which is another very popular reason to have breast augmentation.

Is is possible to enlarge breasts without surgery?

Implants might seem expensive and scary, which leads a lot of women to look for alternative solution. There are several products in the market that promise to enlarge breasts without surgery. Lotions, tablets and special underwear will allegedly fix the situation. Some recommendations include physical exercise.

Based on years of experience we can assure you that unfortunately none of those methods will have lasting results. Long lasting satisfaction can only be achieved with surgical enlargement.

Is breast enlargement safe?

Breast enlargement surgeries date back to 1962 and the effect to the patients health has been thoroughly studied. The procedures have been declared safe and usually there are no major complications. A key factor in a safe procedure is the experience of the surgeon. ArtiaClinic’s head surgeon Dr. Katrin Krüünvald has done over 3000 breast enlargements in 20 years.

Even though breast enlargement does not affect breast-feeding, we do recommend to have the procedure after giving birth.

What risks are involved?

There are risks involved with all surgical interventions and anesthesia, but a skilled surgeon, surgery staff and following post-surgery recovery recommendations will decrease them. That includes staying away from smoking. These surgeries are voluntary and although the risks may not be big, they should still be taken into consideration. The risks will be discussed thoroughly during the consultation. Additionaly you can read in detail about breast augmentation from our website.

In ArtiaClinic we use only quality Mentor implants, that are FDA approved. Make sure to always ask about the implants when choosing the clinic and the surgeon and also look up information yourself.

artiaclinic-plastic surgery blog breast augmentationBreast lift will give a youthful appearance

Breast lift can help in case of saggy breasts; during this procedure patient´s own breast tissue is remodeled and the result is a more slender and youthful shape. It is also possible to add implants during this procedure, which will often give even better results.

There is no grounds for negative prejudice

Lots of women do not feel feminine enough due to saggy or small breasts. Appearance affects person´s self-esteem, feelings and quality of life. Unfortunately silicone breasts can easily raise negative prejudice. It is thought that implants make the breast look unnatural and are dangerous to woman’s health.

These suspicions do not stand ground. Silicon breasts that are natural in size and placed by a skilled surgeon look extremely natural and have no effect on health. Furthermore – if the surgery is performed well, it is not even possible to detect the implants when touching the breasts.

Interested in breast enlargement? Make the first step and come for a consultation in our clinic, where we can find the best solution for you.

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