Dr. Katrin Krüünvald, a plastic surgeon from Estonia, uses drawing for self-development

Dr. Katrin Krüünvald has been a plastic surgeon already for 20 years. Thanks to a vast experience she has a lot of knowledge of the field, but this does not stop her learning and developing further every day. She has an exciting way to help achieve this – drawing.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are developing every day. There are constantly new inventions and developments; innovative techniques, equipment and methods are worked out, that would provide the patients with even broader and better services. Versatile self-development is important so standards can be kept high.

Conferences, seminars and training

“Every year about 3-4 times I attend conferences, seminars or trainings all over the world to refresh my knowledge. In addition to these I also take part in the local happenings in the field“, says dr Katrin Krüünvald.

Dr Krüünvald recognizes that although she knows a lot about plastic surgery, it is still important to keep a hand on the pulse of everything that is happening. „It is interesting to see different approaches at conferences. There are surgeons who use rulers and calculators when planning the procedure, but this all comes down to experience,“ says dr. Krüünvald, who from time to time picks up some good practices from those events that help her provide even better service to people.

Dr Krüünvald likes to draw

Dr. Krüünvald loves drawing because it constantly enhances her esthetic capability and motoric skills. “Drawing is very good for a surgeon. It mimics the hand, eye and mind cooperation like in surgery,” says Dr.Krüünvald, who has had this hobby already since 2002. She has studied drawing in the Open Academy of Estonian Academy of Arts and is now taking part in Tallinn People´s University courses. „My aim is to offer even better results for my patients“, says the doctor, who already naturally has a very precise eye.

Drawing and plastic surgery have several common features. „Both are creative acts. While drawing I use a pencil, while operating – a scalpel. Both need very good sense of fine motor skills and constant practice“, she says. For a surgeon the cooperation of the hand, eye and mind are especially important, because each millimeter will influence the outcome of the procedure.

Sport plays important place in achieving balance

To maintain a physically good shape in addition to the hand skills, dr Krüünvald attends soothing trainings 2-3 times a week. „While operating I am constantly in forced position and body needs movement to stay healthy. I prefer trainings like yoga and pilates, that relax and stretch muscle nicely“, says dr Krüünvald about her hobbies and activities outside the clinic.

Enjoys making people beautiful

Out of all different surgeries Katrin Krüünvald prefers the field of aesthetics. The main reason behind this is bringing people´s dreams to life and making them more beautiful. „It is nice to offer joy to patients. Especially beautiful are the moments in follow-up checks where we show patients the before photos. People tend to forget quickly what they looked like before the procedure and when they see the comparison the reaction is very positive. They like the change and this gives good emotion also to us“ , she says.

Dr.Krüünvald has been a surgeon in ArtiaClinic for already 20 years and enjoys every day of her work. She and the whole personnel give their best for each patient to achieve the results they want.

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