8 most important things about plastic surgery

Here are eight most important things you should know about plastic surgery.

1. What kind of procedures are available?

Plastic surgery can help correct face, ears, nose, eye lids, lips, wrinkles, chin, neck, breasts, abdomen, back, waist, thighs and hips. A person can be made to look younger, thinner, more proportionate creating a self-satisfactory feeling through looking more beautiful. Which procedure is best for each person and will give best results will be clear after a consultation with the surgeon.

2. How much does plastic surgery cost?

Prices range between few hundred and few thousand euros, depending on the procedure. Before choosing a clinic it is good to explore the prices in other clinics as well. Price should however not be the only criteria for choice, important is also to consider the reputation of the clinic, experience and reliability of the surgeon.

3. How long is the recovery?

Most procedures are performed as surgery, using general anesthesia. This means that the organism and body need time, rest and peace to recover. It is important to listen to the recommendations of your doctor and the staff of the clinic, take much rest and time for recovery after the operation.

4. What are the realistic expectations?

Sometimes patients have unrealistic expectations for plastic surgery. There are many different procedures and the realistic prediction for results can depend on the experience of the surgeon. Usually all procedures have visible results straight away, in some cases the final results will appear after several months. We always advise to consult with the doctor whether your expectations and hopes are realistic and achievable with certain procedure.

5. How long will the results last?

This is certainly based on the nature of the procedure, person´s lifestyle, genetics and other aspects. The results of some procedures will last for one year, and the others can be life-long. There is no universal guarantee, because all people are different.

6. Are there any risks?

All surgical interventions and anesthesia are linked to some risks whether we want this or not, although some aspects can help minimize them – for example a skilled surgeon and staff, following the recovery recommendations and not smoking. Plastic surgery procedures are voluntary and although risks may not be big, they still need to be taken into consideration. During your consultation we will go over all of the risks very precisely. Additional information can be found on our homepage under each procedure.

7. Is there an age limit?

ArtiaClinic has not exactly set an age limit to patients. Ears, scars and birth marks can already be corrected at a very early age, breast augmentation is done for patients over 18 years old (however we do recommend to wait until after pregnancy(ies)). All other procedures are performed according to surgeon´s evaluation, patient´s indications and specific needs. For more information we recommend a consultation with the surgeon.

8. How to choose a clinic?

There are several plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinics. How to make the right choice?

  • Check the homepage;
  • Check the licenses in the Board of Health registry, both the surgeon and the clinic must have a permit to work in the field of plastic surgery;
  • Read about the experience and specialties of the surgeon, or ask from him/her;
  • Look for feedback from previous patients;
  • Visit the clinic and attend the consultation.

Generally a trustworthy clinic will display it´s licenses and permits on the homepage.

Find out more information about different procedures from our webpage.

Dr. Katrin Krüünvald, who has 20 years of experience will also happily answer all your questions during the consultation, which takes about 30 minutes and costs 50 eur.

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